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At Santiment we collect data from a variety of sources, crunch it and provide insightful metrics for investors. To achieve this, we built a robust infrastructure involving hundreds of GBs of RAM and dozens of CPUs. The total data pool that we use to perform our computations is growing quickly, with the current watermark > 2TB. We are looking for big data engineers to help us grow our set of metrics over the data that we collect. If you are interested in financial metrics, graph theory, NLP analysis and applying all this on an enormous set of data - we’ve got a variety of tantalizing challenges to offer. As a big data engineer, you will be analyzing blockchain and social data sets and developing metrics on top of them, such as topic detection, sentiment analysis, flow of funds and classification of addresses. We have a wide set of challenges and are actively exploring different approaches, so your work will involve a lot of research.

You also gain experience in how different blockchains work and how they can be efficiently analyzed. We are working on developing new financial metrics to measure the adoption of these new monetary systems.

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